What to Look for in a Cheap Laptop Under 300

Several of the main things to consider when you are looking at cheap laptops under 300 this year are going to help determine the good deals from the not so good. These are all going to be approximately in the 10.1 inch LCD screen range which is the industry standard among the new laptop computers under $300 so this is going to be one primary constant feature of them from all manufactures.

First of all, what we recommend is that you take a look at the keyboard and how the keys are laid out and how big they are relative to other laptops you look at. The variances are usually really minimal yet some models will have slightly different keys laid out to increase the size of the primary keys. You might want to try these out if you like the different ones since the layout could require a little getting used to but this is really not that big of a deal in our experience since it does not affect the main letter keys that you typically use for typing.

The next thing to consider is the battery size and charge rating. We all know how important it is for a new laptop computer to have several hours of charge life per charge, and the more the better. Many of the best laptops under $300 provide really decent charge lives like six and even eight hours. The higher the cell count the longer the life of the charge. This should be easy to locate within the specifications of the new laptops you happen to be comparing. Also, most of the designs are very similar among the different brands in that they will have the battery which attaches in the lower back area of the laptop which is convenient to access when necessary yet it is out of the way when you are using the computer which is a real plus.

The overall design is yet another thing to consider. In our reviews of the best laptops under 300 dollars this year we have found highly similar designs among the various makes and models. This should again be something that will allow you to take the design as basically the same among the 10.1 inch models and let you focus on the other features to help you compare them among one another. However these all do include a very lightweight and slim design which makes them ultra-portable which is one reason that we are including the netbooks too.

Most of the new laptops will give you several choices of trial-ware to either checkout or to simply delete. You really won’t get away from this among the cheap laptops under 300 dollars and you never know, you may find one of the trials happens to be something that you find useful. In that case you are typically offered some kind of discount on the software product which can save you a fairly good deal off of the price otherwise. However these applications can be annoying but with some effort you can delete the trial-ware easily enough, it will just take a little time to do so. This is actually the case on any cheap new laptops that you will find so don’t be too surprised if it has been a while since you have bought a new laptop.

This leaves the internal components to consider within the 300 dollar laptop computers. They again are usually very similar, Intel Atom processors and 1 to 2 gigabytes of RAM is typically the configuration. Plan to upgrade the memory if you can if you happen to select a 1GB model. They can usually handle up to 2 gigs and it will definitely help to speed them up. As for hard drive size, try to find one with 250GB of storage space. We have found that the 160GB models are OK but it is not quite enough storage space for some people’s tastes if they plan to store larger multimedia files on their laptop.