Students Laptops Under 300

These days a laptop is a must. Students of all ages and all disciplines need laptops in order to keep up with their school work and more these days.

Students Laptops

This being the case students laptops under 300 dollars are something that you should consider if you are on a budget. Here are some helpful facts and tips you should be cognizant of before you make your selection.

The fact is that there are several options available if you are looking for a laptop under 300 but you should be sure that the laptop will provide you or the student you are researching options for with the features necessary. Basically all laptops in this price range will be able to get online and research information, send and receive email, create research papers and the plethora of additional basic computing necessities.

The exception being that occasionally a student will need a super powerful laptop computer for school. In these instances the reason is usually because they are majoring in video or graphics studies, productions and editing. If the student is enrolled in one of these programs then they are likely going to need to spend a tremendous amount more than 300 dollars for their school laptop. The reason for this is that the editing of graphics and their creation as well when it comes to laptop hardware requires very powerful processors and expensive laptop configurations.

Typically laptops for students only need to perform the basics as we mentioned above so this is good news if you are on a budget as many students are. The options range from some new mini laptops which can be bought new for under 300 dollars, to used laptops, to some refurbished laptops which can be found at bargain prices. Typically this is the best way to go because it not only provides a good selection of features it also makes it easy to get the basics and more while staying within your budget.

Students Laptops

There are a couple of things which you should keep in mind about the popular mini laptops as there are some rather insignificant trade-offs for the super small and ultra portable minis. Basically the mini laptops will not come with a built-in optical drive in most cases. This is because there simply is not room for the drive to be housed inside of the laptop computer.

Now there are some easy fixes for this particular trade-off and this is in the form of an external CD-RW/DVD burner combo drive which will typically connect via the laptop USB port providing the user with the functionality of an optical drive.

The optical drive is what plays and burns CDs and DVDs. This is a great solution yet the added cost should be weighed out against maybe buying a larger used or refurbished laptop instead of the mini. If there is no real need for the optical drive as is often the case then the mini is a great way to go.

The ultra small new cheap mini laptops will get online wired or through wireless networking just as easily as a regular laptop computer will. We have found that the best option in most cases however is for the student to consider a used or refurbished laptop.

The reason is that ultimately this will keep the price of the laptop under 300 dollars in many instances and the laptop itself is actually larger and more powerful than the mini. With the exception of the optical drive the differences are minimal but the regular sized laptop will typically perform quicker and be a bit more versatile than the mini laptop will be.