Refurbished Laptops Sale

Since we serve as a source for refurbished laptops under $300 we thought we would explain how the refurbish laptop process works. These portable computers go through various processes and testing for quality control purposes before they are sent back into the marketplace.

Refurbished Laptops Sale

It is fairly common for a laptop to be returned to the retailer because the original purchaser did not like it for some reason. Often they are gifts and it was not quite what the recipient had in mind however the computer cannot be sold as new again. This is where the real deals come from.

For example a laptop which is sent to the factory to be tested and refurbished will first be inspected for any physical or cosmetic damage. Obviously since this is where the laptop was first built any parts which are needed will be readily available and replaced as necessary. This process ensures that the computer is tested just as it was before it originally left the factory for the retail market.

The next step in the refurbishing process will be to begin running advanced tests on the various components which make up the actual computer. Testing the motherboard and all of its data busses and ports will assure that the laptop is doing everything as it should.

The processor will be tested at this time as well to ensure that it is operating at the specified speeds and that it is able to handle specific instructions designed to push it because it will in the end have to pass though a final quality control department.

Throughout the refurbished laptops testing process the video will be tested at several levels. The graphics hardware will be analyzed and the display screen will be tested for any issues as well. This is one of the additional benefits of a unit which has been refurbished as the fact is that it has literally gone through these tests twice and if any issues had developed between the manufacturing process and the time the laptop is returned to be refurbished then the issue can easily be rectified.

During the testing prices the system memory which is the Random Access Memory (RAM) will be very carefully tested as well. Once again if any issues are detected it is a simple matter of replacing any questionable components.

Ultimately once all of the hardware has been thoroughly tested for proper functionality the operating system will be installed on the hard drive. This is a process where by the original factory image is placed onto the hard drive so that it is exactly the way it was when it was first produced. This is actually a very easy process but it must be done correctly in order to achieve the desired results.

When the original factory image has been installed onto the systems hard drive the newly refurbished laptop will be ready for its final testing. These final tests will basically be summaries of all that has been done and a quality control analysis will double check making sure that the laptop refurbishing process was completed accurately and thoroughly. Since this process is so thorough you will find that there are many refurbished laptops sale items found through which will come with warranties. Additionally since these cannot be sold as new our shoppers receive a healthy discount as well.