Refurbished Laptops Mix Value with Technology

One thing that is a constant in the world of laptop and PC technology is change. The speed of the computer is usually the most noticeable difference when designs change and incorporate the latest technology. Take the Intel Core i7 for example. This processor has progressed from the first generation to the Sandy Bridge for instance, performing at 3.4GHz and with Turbo Boost. Lots of users like to overclock their processors as well which is hard to resist if you have a need for speed or just a curiosity of just how much performance your computer can give you. This represents the higher end of technology.

Refurbished Laptops Value

As we look at the specifications of the cheap laptops under 300 which we see everyday, including used and refurbished computers, they actually tend to be good examples of just how technology improves in the capabilities of the computer, and how the prices tend to drop over time for many of the components. Compared to just a few years ago, the price for computer memory for example has dropped dramatically. This definitely includes the good stuff like DDR3 PC3 12800 just as one example. Compare this to some older PC2100, even today, and you will see what I mean. A 512 megabyte stick in the same price range as the DDR3 in a couple of 2 gig sticks. Wow, this is nothing new but it still goes to show how as the technology improves vastly, the prices can drop notably. But how much high end performance should you expect in a $300 laptop?

Say you wanted to do a little work with some small HD video files on a cheap laptop. And say you had a used or refurbished laptop with a 2.16GHz dual core Pentium, 3 gigs of RAM and 32 bit Windows 7 or Vista Home Premium. As long as the files are pretty small you can get by, but real time editing is still going to have a bit of delay. Ultimately this is due to the limitation of 3 gigs of RAM so even a new computer with similar specs will have the same results. We have tested this on many models. But it does work so you don’t really need the newest technology to work with HD files. But obviously if you are doing a lot of this in a professional setting then you will probably be enjoying bigger and better things for this kind of work, like the Sandy Bridge, loads of RAM and a 64 bit OS.

The main point however is that the best laptop or desktop computer will be the one that is most appropriate for the tasks it will be used for. Considering this along with their overall value and many of the cheaper laptops under 300 will have over 2 gig processors and at least 1GB of system memory or more. The i7 will can set you back more than the cost of the whole laptop in comparison!

So ultimately most of the refurbished laptops are not necessarily cutting edge, but if you don’t need ultra-high end performance then they can be the best laptop that fits your requirements. For instance for hardware and software the refurbished Dell computers under 300 dollars provide several benefits of new computers. Additionally the seller refurbished laptops in most listings do also with things like various fully licensed and activated software programs or limited warranties. These points can ultimately help you to find the right mix of technology and value in an affordable refurbished laptop computer with great speed and capabilities, but without the price of the really high end components.