Mini Laptops and Netbooks

Ultra portable and affordable mini laptops from Dell, Acer, HP, Asus etc. are quietly revolutionizing the mobile computer industry. Theses makeup part of a growing selection of netbooks which each of the major computer manufacturers are producing these days.

It is easy to highlight some of the common features which you can find on these netbooks each of which provide relatively similar functionality. The variances will apply in price and features but the basics do tend to remain generally the same. Ultimately it often comes down to which color of laptop you may want because in general the overall color selection is indeed wide.

Using the low priced Aspire One as an example here Acer adds the Invilink which operates compatibly with 802.11b as well as 802.11g for super fast wireless network connectivity. All netbook manufacturers will offer benefits which will make not only the speed increase but offer compatibility with legacy devices as well. The added functionality of the software varies by manufacturer but they all yield similar results. Each computer manufacturer will add their own software allowing you to do some pretty interesting things with wireless. Typically speed is the major benefit and the increase means faster file transfers and file downloads.

Dell Mini Laptops

One of the main features people love about the mini laptops being produced by nearly all of the major computer manufacturers besides the ultra portability factor and that you can find new ones for under $300 is the quick, easy and reliable connections to hotspots and various wireless networks. Not only are your favorite online tasks right there with you but all the storage space and computer applications which you enjoy using are there as well without the extra bulk of a huge laptop computer.

The IEEE 802.11g specification is not only one of the newer wireless network technologies it is one of the fastest ones as well. When you have the ability to connect at these super fast speeds you will certainly notice the improved speed as you transfer or download larger files. This is a great performance boost over older technologies. Typically 802.11b is not so bad when you have a good connection to the router but the newer technology is very noticeable when you do connect and see just how fast your down loads are. You will notice the difference in transferring files to another location on your LAN network as well. This is definitely impressive.

Whether you go with a Dell mini laptop, an Acer Aspire One, an HP mini laptop, an Asus netbook or any of the others available you will find that most of the basic functionality is the same although the feature range is fairly vast. When it is all said and done you can still find a great new mini laptop under 300 dollars by various manufactures. Obviously you can get additional add-on features for a higher price but that is only if you feel that you will actually use those features a lot. Otherwise why not just get the cheaper laptop under $300 and start enjoying using it?

Mini Laptops and Netbooks

Typical features found on these cheap mini laptops by any manufacturer include advanced WiFi capabilities and multiple USB ports so you can connect printers and do data transfers etc. Also for storage purposes and data transfers they offer Secure Digital card readers and Multi Media cards along with the various Memory Stick PRO type devices. This does make things very convenient as well as compatible with other electronic devices. Connectivity to older modems and the ability to connect through RJ-45 ports to the Ethernet network when necessary are typical built-in features found on mini laptops as well.

Not so long ago it would have been hard to imagine but today the power of these ultra portable mini laptops which typically have 160GB worth of storage space are springing up in all kinds of places. Students and business professionals as well as anyone in between are finding out how fun it can be to have a computer that can fit in your purse, briefcase, backpack etc. without weighing you down.