Low Dollar Netbook Computers

The low dollar netbook computers have really only been around since about 2007 when Asus was the first company to begin to offer them to the general public in the form of the Eee PC.

Low Dollar Netbook Computers

Originally the concept was based on a special project aimed at being able to provide ultra portable yet powerful mini laptop computers to children in various developing countries. This successful concept has since led to the uncovering of a strong demand among consumers as well.

There has been great advancement to the best small laptops over the years and several other computer manufacturers have begun designing and manufacturing netbooks due to their sheer popularity. The market response has been unexpectedly and overwhelmingly positive and in an economy like the present where the price point is an extremely important factor in the consumer buying decision process.

Typically consumers find that netbook computers offer the ultra portable features which they need at a price which helps keep the dollars in their pockets. This is a terrific option when you consider the difference in price for a full size laptop these days. Netbooks are equally popular among students and business professionals as well as nearly everyone in between these days.

The idea behind the netbook is to provide a laptop computer which will give all of the basic functionality of a laptop computer which can basically fit right in the palm of your hand.

Basic functionality includes surfing the web, sending and receiving email, video chatting via the webcam, running office and productivity suites and applications, watching video files, listening to music, doing research online, and being able to connect to both wired and wireless networks virtually anywhere service is available. Acer netbooks have become top market leaders and Dell mini laptops have been well received for some time now as well.

There is a variety of different screen sizes found on netbooks and the common sizes range from the original 7 inch screens to the 8.9 inch screens to the 10 inches plus size screens. The selection goes to the point where there is a bit of an overlap as laptop screen sizes come in at around 12 inches. Obviously the larger the screen size the higher the price will be so the standard sizes will provide the best low dollar deals.

When it comes to netbook hard drives there is a choice between Solid State Drives (SSD) and normal hard drives. The SSD drives have a reputation for booting into the operating system extremely quickly and they are able to survive a great deal of impact as well. This is often the choice of users who need a laptop computer in physically demanding environments where a tough laptop is needed.

However the SSD drives usually have a much smaller amount of storage space. This is not always the case but the larger ones will get a bit pricey when compared to a regular hard drive.

The regular netbook hard drives will typically have sizes ranging around 160GB which is a bunch of space for a basic portable computer. Obviously larger laptops will have a lot more storage space but then again they are designed for a wider range of purposes beyond the basic computing functionality of the netbook computers. Besides the low prices portability and WiFi wireless networking capabilities are currently the most popular features.