HP Small Laptop

Most people who use the HP small laptop require fast and easy access to the Internet whether they are at home, school, work or on the road. Since the inception of the notebook computer the speed of the small laptops has proven to suffice in this and much more.

Luckily these days most major computer manufacturers are offering netbook models each of which offer benefits very similar to the HP small laptops.

It is not uncommon to find basically the exact same specs on a variety of models from various makers of these ultra portable computers which means price point will be in favor of the consumer.

For example the Intel Atom processor is typically the engine behind most of the netbooks we review and with the latest advancements in both speed and power savings we are finding that the competition remains extremely tight with no clear winners at the moment.

This is very good news for consumers because it allows them to seek out the lowest prices which could ultimately be the best small laptops for them at the very least from the price point perspective.

HP Small Laptop

One of these rather typical models we recently reviewed is the HP Mini 110 netbook which offers plenty of the most common features all wrapped up in a lightweight design. This model is one of the small laptops at less than 3 pounds yet it also provides for a comfortable typing experience and the over 90 percent keyboard size has a very familiar feel to it if you are used to a full sized keyboard as opposed to a netbook.

Of course what good would a small laptop be if it weren’t able to get the user online surfing the web or checking emails in a flash. This is one of the most obvious benefits along with the portability of the smaller laptops and going beyond this is the design specifically made to address everyday computer tasks such as these while they are not designed to do heavy duty multitasking computer tasks.

The HP Mini 110 provides easy access to WiFi networks as well as hard wired Ethernet networks and during the review we noted how the performance remained fast and reliable in various environments including several public hotspots. Most of the netbooks provide seamless network switching capabilities as the components tend not to vary widely in most cases no matter who the actual manufacturer is.

For most people considering buying one the HP small laptop or any netbook for that matter the most important thing to keep in mind is the fact that these are designed to be highly portable lightweight computers that have the ability to provide high quality, reliable connectivity to the Internet. These are not extremely well adapted for more advanced computing tasks such as high quality video playback or running extremely resource intensive applications. You should however find that most manufactures will provide extended usage away from the power source giving the user of the netbook even more time to be completely mobile. The performance of the best small laptops in this respect is on par with full sized laptops.