First Mini Laptops

Mini laptops seemed to come out of nowhere not so long ago and their popularity continues to grow increasingly for quite a few reasons.

When mini laptops first became available to the general public we thought it would be worth it to order some and see what kind of response our customers would have to them. After all they were something new and different and offered several capabilities which made them appealing due to their much smaller size than the typical standard laptop computers.

We had several different super cheap new mini laptops out on display in the shop and they looked really cool because they were so small. They definitely drew a lot of attention as it seemed like everyone who came into the shop stopped and at least took a quick look at the mini laptops which we had out on display.

It was interesting to note the level of diversity among the customers who bought the mini laptops. I think our first buyer was a girl who was around twelve years old and she and her parents wound up putting one of the pink Acer Aspire One netbooks on layaway for a Christmas present.

It is easy to see how this little pink mini laptop would appeal to just such a customer. The girl’s parents were satisfied with the information we gave them and the answers to their question they had before they decided to go ahead and put the netbook on layaway.

First Mini Laptops

They would ask questions about how it worked and how the wireless networking worked. If I remember correctly the idea was that the girl could use the netbook to get online and do school work and research and such from anywhere around their home because of the wireless capabilities of the mini laptop.

Most customers were impressed with the quick boots the mini laptops offered, especially the ones with the solid state hard drives. Some of the customers preferred the larger sized standard hard drives though. Still the fact that you could store a ton of data on such a little laptop computer was one of the main points of interest among many of the customers who took a close look at the mini laptops.

So the diversity which I mentioned earlier is exemplified by the next customer who purchased I think it was an Asus Eee PC but it could have been one of the Aspire One minis, I don’t remember for sure as it has been a while now. Anyway, this guy was a district manager of one of the more popular restaurants in the area and did a ton of traveling.

He obviously had a powerful laptop which he used for much of his business while out on the road but as so many customers mention the larger laptops are just bulk and weight prohibitive. In other words they don’t really work so well in many situations because they are so big and heavy. Well this guy apparently decided that this mini laptop was going to give him the ability to do the work he needed to do while on the road and still be able to easily connect to the Internet as necessary so he bought one.

I remember as he stopped by the shop a few weeks after he bought his netbook and mentioned how it was working out just like he thought it would and he was really happy with it.

Basically this is just a couple of examples of how diverse the customers were who bought a mini laptop when we first started carrying them in our shop. Since then we have stocked most models from the various computer manufactures like the new Dell mini laptops in order to provide diversity to our customers as well.