Discount Asus Laptops

Asus laptops are not all that the company produces as they have also been making computer components for a very long time and they have consistently maintained a reputation for making the most reliable, performance driven component such as their motherboards throughout and their laptop and netbook computers carry on the same tradition of high levels of quality.

Discount Asus Laptops

Branching out into the upper end of the discount Asus laptops provides many of the typical feature sets found on their competitors models. The Asus F70SL for example is powered by the 2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor which delivers with reliability and high performance during the most strenuous of multitasking tasks and endeavors.

Intel has grown to become the world’s leader in computer processors and many of the major computer manufacturers rely primarily on the Intel architecture in the designs of their various laptop models. People want fast laptops and they want reliable computing experiences where they do not have to worry about the computer not doing what it is meant to do. The Asus overall with its high grade components is a combination which delivers on these consumer requirements.

In addition the Asus F70SL offers a 17.3 inch HD+ display and a 1600x900 resolution providing a highly realistic viewing experience. This model is a real multimedia powerhouse and is a terrific medium for not only DVD movies but playing games on as well. Fast and high quality video is what is necessary to achieve the best graphics quality.

The NVIDIA GeForce 9300M GS 512MB graphics card is ultimately in control of the overall final graphics presentation and the quality is quite noticeable while experiencing the HDMI capabilities. High contrast rates, brightness and color saturation are provided for ultimate clarity.

So as we take the high quality of the Asus higher end laptop models and apply the desire for performance and quality computing experiences to the more affordable mobile computers for extreme savings we are able to deliver. It is all about what the intended use of the laptop will ultimately be and this obviously means that there is no need to spend more on the features of a product if you will never even use them.

For example the highly affordable discount Asus laptop EeePC is a great choice and one that we often highlight in our selection of used laptops under 200 dollars and even new laptops under 300 dollars. These bargains usually go very quickly so keep an eye out for them.

There are certainly various models of the Asus EeePC mini laptop or netbook all with slightly different feature sets and appointments. Often they will be fully loaded with the Windows XP Home Edition operating system. Some of these models will have the Shock Proof (SSD) hard drive for ultra reliable portable computing. This technology offers the user what is known as shock proof computing and there is ultimately less power being consumed while using the Asus laptop.

The Asus EeePC which was one of the original small mini laptops is also quite well known for its super quick boot times. The time it takes from the point in which the netbook is powered on to the time the operating system has loaded is one of the quickest in the entire mobile computing industry. This also means less RMA as well as less noise and even a lighter overall total weight.

Common additional features of the Asus EeePC include 512MB of DDR2 system memory (RAM), Ethernet port for connecting to the network, 802.11 b/g WiFi for connecting to wireless networks virtually anywhere service is available, built-in webcam, AC power adapter, power cord, and a laptop sleeve.