Dell Inspiron 5100 Review

Many used and refurbished laptops offer proven reliability as they were designed to perform in various environments from the boardroom to the classroom and all points in between.

Another one of the popular and reliable Dell laptops under $300 which seem to hold up exceptionally well over time is the Dell Inspiron 5100 which many users rely on as a super affordable portable computer.

The specs of this workhorse include the Intel Pentium 4 Mobile processor with a clock speed of 2.8GHz which is designed to run not only much faster but cooler than other processors. This is a powerful processor and the fact that they remain cool keeps things running smoothly in any nearly environment.

Designed with multipurpose multitasking in mind and then add a couple of gigs of DDR PC2700 system memory (RAM) installed and the Dell Inspiron 5100 makes a great laptop for the more intensive applications. This has a lot to do with why this model has remained so popular among everyone from business professionals to people who just like to download and watch movies on their laptop computer. Laptops can come in really handy when you just need some entertainment when you are away from home.

Dell Inspiron 5100

Typically affordable laptops like the 5100 offers at least an 80GB hard drive and it is a super easy upgrade to a much larger IDE hard drive as an option. If data storage needs increase then the popular option for laptop users today is to use a USB external hard drive as the opportunity to store a terabyte worth of data is available as needed. This is a lot of huge movie files or an amazing amount of nearly any other type of multimedia files.

Burning your data to CD is a breeze with the standard compact disc burner the Inspiron 5100 has to offer. Just fire up your favorite CD burning application and add the files you would like to burn to disc. It really can be that easy and if you want to watch a DVD the standard drive offers that capability as well. Like we mentioned this is not only a really reliable Dell laptop it also performs great as a multimedia portable computer too which is a real plus. When you factor in the really low price tag it becomes pretty clear that you do not have to wrap up a bunch of cash in getting a quality laptop which offers both versatility and reliability.

The 5100 offers you several ways to connect to the Internet including the internal wireless networking card which will allow you to easily connect to wireless hotspots so that you can access the web while you are out and about. This is obviously one of the real pluses that laptop computers have to offer over standard desktops. It is great to be able to surf the web while you are out and do all that you would normally do like download or upload files, check emails, chat with contacts and so much more.

In addition to the wireless networking capabilities the Dell Inspiron 5100 laptop lets you connect to the Internet through the built-in Ethernet port which will get you connected to the high speed cable or DSL connection. All you have to do is plug the cable into the Ethernet port and let the computer take a couple seconds to recognize the connection. For those times when you may need to connect to the Internet over standard telephone lines the built-in 56k modem is there if you need it. This makes for a great amount of versatility when you need to get online.

Windows XP which is the most popular choice of operating system among many Windows users generally already has the latest Service Pack installed. This helps keep laptop computers as secure as they can be and any computer you own should be kept updated with the latest updates as they will address any known security issues which helps keep you and your data safe.