Cool Apple Laptops Under 300

A great example of these bargains is the iBook G3 which is a versatile, powerful and just plain fun portable computer. These Apple laptops under 300 dollars let you use the Mac with various versions of the Mac OS X operating system.

Apple Laptops Under 300

You can easily get connected to WiFi wireless network connections and surf the web. Apple laptops often use the AirPort card for quick, reliable and secure wireless network connections. These days it is wise to take a few basic security precautions when you are online such as creating strong passwords for any online accounts which you happen to use.

Common configurations of the Apple laptops under 300 dollars include 600MHz to 800MHz processors and a wide range of RAM configurations such as 384MB to 512MB of system memory. These are quick little performers and work extremely well in the opinions of die hard Apple Mac fans. The truth is they are simply great portable computers because the have the ability to get the job done quickly as well as reliably.

In addition to AirPort cards for wireless connectivity the Apple laptops under 300 can provide you with the ability to play movies via the optical drive including DVDs in some instances. Either way the addition of a DVD drive is a fairly simple upgrade process. Of course it is even easier to just play the video files off of the hard drive.

The display screens of the used or the refurbished laptops under 300 dollars will vary in size. The Apple iBook for example will typically be in the 12 to 14 inch screen size range. They are lightweight and easy to pack away when you travel. This is where the real fun comes in as you are able to access your files, stay in touch with contacts via email or messaging and basically do what you have setup to perform with your laptop where ever you happen to travel to.

Common Specifications:

  • Refurbished
  • PowerPC G3
  • 384MB to 512MB RAM
  • 20GB to 30GB HDD
  • Mac OS X