Compare the Best Small Laptops

The small laptops which fall under the netbook category have come along way in a short time as far as their features, their power and their popularity. This is a quick summary of what some of the best small laptops have to offer today.

Acer Small Laptop

Acer Aspire One AOD205
Intel Atom 1.7 GHz
2GB DDR2 667MHz

Acer makes multiple variations of small laptops and the price range reflects the fact that you can quickly go from cheap to much more expensive depending on the features you need. See the special pricing on Acer small laptops under 300 dollars. The advanced features are where the similarities end among what are otherwise quite similar basic feature sets no matter what netbook manufacturer you consider.

For example the AOD205 we recently reviewed had the Windows 7 starter 32 bit operating system installed on the 640GB hard drive. One year ago 160GB was considered huge.

Time away from the power outlet is up to an impressive 9 hours. Integrated Intel graphics media accelerator 950 video processor powers the 10.1 inch LED backlit CrystalBright screen. The 84-key keyboard is a full 89% of the standard sized keyboards.

HP Small Laptop

HP Mini 110 110-1127NR
Intel Atom 1.6 GHz
2GB DDR2 667MHz

There are several models and feature variations of the HP small laptops including the Mini 110 110-1127NR which we recently reviewed. With Windows 7 installed on the 128GB SSD drive the fact is that this small laptop was very quick during the benchmarking process. Keep in mind the SSD is smaller but faster.

This model did not however have the wireless N technology as some of the other small laptops we reviewed did. This is not a bad thing as the majority of networks use 802.11b/g although it would be nice to have if the opportunity where to arise.

As with several manufactures netbooks we find in the HP Mini the Integrated Intel graphics media accelerator 950 video processor which provides for a quality viewing experience as well as an impressive level of brightness.

Dell Small Laptop

Dell Inspiron Mini 10
Intel Atom 1.6 GHz
1GB DDR2 667MHz

The Dell small laptops include the popular Inspiron Mini 10 which comes with its own unique choice of features however is still basically the same as nearly all of the other netbooks on the market when it comes to the main components.

Once again price and features are where the differences come in to play. See the selection of new and used Dell mini laptops for sale.

The Dell Mini 10 which we reviewed had some fun additional features installed for example the built in GPS hardware and software package which we think is a perfect accompaniment for an ultra portable small laptop.

Also installed was a built in TV Tuner with USB antenna which also makes for a great addition to any computer. Having TV on the laptop has always been a fun experience if nothing else for the sheer portability factor.

As with most brand new small laptops these days you have a choice of running Windows 7, Vista or the ever popular XP. The processor speeds are vastly similar on most makes and models. The more features or perhaps the larger the screen you want then the more expensive they are going to be. For the best responsiveness you should install the most RAM that your small laptop will take which is typically 1.5 to 2GB.