Cheap Student Laptop

For many students the price of school is too high as it is let alone adding in additional expenses such as supplies as well as computers.

Basically it comes down to whether you are looking for a standard size cheap student laptop or a mini laptop. Either of these will include laptops under $300 which certainly keeps things affordable. Either one of these will provide the basics necessary to get online and do research and write student papers.

When you begin to compare prices and weigh out the benefits of these laptops keep this in mind. For one thing although the mini laptops are smaller they will perform essentially the same functions as a standard sized laptop. The minis typically start at 9 inch to just over 10 inch screen sizes and begin to overlap in size with some of the small standard laptops starting from around 12 inch screen sizes. The main difference to keep in mind about the mini laptops is that they do not use a standard optical drive. The optical drive is the CD/DVD player you find in most computers. The mini laptops require an external optical drive which you can simply connect using a USB cable. This is simple and a very efficient way to be able to use CD and DVD discs. The minis do not come with these drives built-in because there simply is not enough room in their designs.

Cheap Student Laptop

As far as power and performance goes the mini laptops (also called netbooks) actually perform surprisingly well with special Atom processors which are designed to run very cool and conserve a great deal of energy which helps extend the overall battery charge life. We have recently seen these mini laptops selling brand new for as low as $177 recently on a special very short term sale. This was one of the smaller 8.9 inch netbooks. Typically there is no problem getting one of the 10.1 inch models brand new for under $300 and we often have these in our selection.

When customers are looking for standard size cheap student laptops some of the best deals are often found on refurbished laptops. This allows you to have a much more powerful and feature rich laptop which would have originally sold for often several hundreds of dollars more than what they can be bought for now. The refurbished laptops typically come with warranties just like the brand new unsold units.

When laptops are bought from retailers new and then returned within the specified time period they can no longer be sold as brand new therefore they will often be sold as open box or refurbished or even readily offered through laptop reconditioned sales which we frequently have in our online selection of laptops under $300. With warranties and having been thoroughly tested in the factory many refurbished laptops can actually provide some of the best bargains available. Many specials come with great buying incentives such as free shipping.

Ultimately it really amounts to just how much you want to spend on your laptop. The features you find on even base models will be capable of performing the most common computing tasks. We always recommend to our customers to be sure about which features you will need so that you will not have to buy anything else right away. When you buy your cheap student laptop we want you to start enjoying it right away and enjoy the extra cash you happened to save as well.